Friday, August 21, 2009

Sandy Sunrise

Looking more like a sandy beach than a sunrise, the old beleaguered sun was patiently waiting this day to let its rays rain down.

I can identify with a sun that never seems to be in a hurry to start its day, but, once awakened attacks its task with an ecstatic spirit.

Perhaps, it is because there is never vengeance, never spite, never a score to settle in it's daylong delivery of feverish fire. It has a resolve of purpose that allows it to shine hour after hour its life-giving lumens until its strength wains and it slides behind the horizon to refresh its furnace.

I think I may just do that, too -- turn on the dream machine and, though hibernating on this side of the world, trek untethered through those nigh-trise neverlands.

-steve buser

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